Hcolor- Organic Hair Color by Oway

   Beelay Hair Design, using exclusively organic hair color in North Miami Beach like Hcolor by Oway- an ammonia free, organic hair color attained from biodynamic, sustainable & fair trade methods. This Green Chemistry, ammonia free hair color will not only cover grey, lighten or darken your color like any other line, but it is also a nourishing hair treatment! Rich in Plant derived protiens & moisturizing vegetable butters, your hair will begin to feel and look better and better with each return visit.

Oway Hnectar

Beelay hair Design uses Hnectar by Oway, considered to be one of a kind in the Hair Color Industry. Ammonia Free & PPD free, this is used during Holistic Hair Coloring services to restore vital nutrients while also covering grey, lightening or darkening the hair. Using Plant Sugars for moisture and Anti-aging effects it also holds within its formulation iridescent color molecules which act as reflective, cosmetic enhancements to the skin tone. Truly Restorative, Replenishing and Revivifying!

Oway Hmelt

Beelay uses Hmelt by Oway. A brand new development in the world of fantasy pastel coloring, Hmelt derives Phyto-pigments from medicinal plants and flowers. Hmelt is best used as a pastel coloring after pre-lightening but Beelay also uses it as color refreshers and a Holistic Hair Coloring additive to enhance the nutrient content and color reflection of your unique color formula.