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Beelay Hair Design® is Opening 5/19/20
Dear Beelay Hair Design® clients,


 According to The Beauty Mall® management and Miami Dade County Officials, we are opening on 5/19/20!

This Pandemic has been unprecedented and in order to move forward safely, Tyler Fenix of Beelay Hair Design® will be implementing new guidelines and regulations which may reduce further spread of this terrible virus, while also allowing you to spruce up.

These will require your cooperation and will
not be negotiable. Personal Beauty is important, but it should never compromise anyone's health!

Upon re-opening, all clients will need to make their appointments online at Each and every one of you is special and because I am only one person, I will need to reduce phone and text time in order to focus on in-house, hourly preparations and safety. The 24 hour cancelation policy will still be effective, but will be reviewed on a case by case basis in light of cancelations due to illness.

ALL CLIENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO BRING AND WEAR A MASK. ENTRY INTO THE SUITE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED WITHOUT PROPER FACE COVERING. Infections can be reduced if precautionary measures are practiced by all of us, since we cannot be 6 feet apart during much of your visit! This is not a negotiable factor.

* Hours will change and booking will change. 

TUES thru SUN - 11:00- 3:00 ONLY ( now until July.)

* Tuesdays will be added to the new hours of operation through July.

Only one person will be permitted in the salon suite at a exceptions please.

* Only 2, color + service clients will be taken per day...1st at 11:00am and the next at 3:00pm. 

Haircuts Only or Retouch Only appointments may be asked to move to another time slot in order to accommodate all. Please be open to a shift.

* The appointments you see online ARE the appointments that are available. Due to a rush of online appointments being made, I may be unable to immediately respond to requests. Be sure to choose each service Color Retouch AND women's Haircut/blowout. 


• I cannot accept those who have traveled within the last few months and will not be taking new clients from now throughout July.

* Please text from your car before coming up and allow me to let you know if I am ready. I will need prep time before and after each client, as well as personal time under these new circumstances.

• All clients will be asked to immediately wash hands upon entry, before  services can begin. Tyler Fenix of Beelay Hair Design® will change and wear new gloves for each new client. During your shampoo, you will be provided with a fresh towel to cover nose/mouth since mask will need to be removed for that period of time.

   Please patient! We are NOT out of the woods yet! This is not a typical business model and we are figuring it out along the way the best we can. As a person with asthma and a high probability of life threatening illness should I contract COVID-19 myself, I am not confident that we should be back yet. I will be doing my very best to accommodate in the best way I know how. However, I will not be able to tolerate personal or political stand-offs, or refusals to show community consciousness for ALL involved. I will be making great efforts to KEEP US ALL SAFE! 

If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the
CDC website.

Thank you so much for sticking with us and cooperating. We look forward to supporting each other during these challenging times.


If you are a New Client please familiarize yourself with our Booking and Policies before making an appointment. This can save you time and help you understand our protocols.

About The Beelay Concept


Ammonia Free Organic Hair Color & Hair Care

    We use organic hair care products Co-created with strong focus on Fair Trade and sustainable farming, Eco-friendly practices & production methods.


   I practice a holistic approach to hair care and coloring that has been a part of my personal training since I started as an apprentice in the mid 1980's. After 30+ years in the industry, I inherited some allergies and health conditions due to over exposure to ammonia and other dangerous things used for so long in our industry products.

    My goal now is to use hair products with organic, healthier ingredients, while providing holistic hair coloring and services that balance + strengthen + repair the hair and also provide an overall sense of wellness and relaxation. 

The professional Organic Hair Color lines I have chosen are ammonia free and contain organic ingredients which nourish and rebuild the hair with each visit. I have been educating & sharing this new holistic hair practice with clients and other stylists for over 6 years. 

   At Beelay Hair Design Studio I have created a retreat for you, one client at a time, to enhance your overall serenity. In this way, you experience a reprieve from the world outside, much as you would in a Spa. So come in and Detox from the daily grind...Rebuild...Refresh...Revivie! 


To Do No Harm to Hair, Client, Stylist or Environment, however possible.©️

 To offer Holistic Hair Services that are Ammonia Free with Products that repair, renew and revivify Hair, Mind & Spirit. To use the highest quality products that are Co-created by companies using Organic, Bio-dynamic, Fair Trade Networks, Sustainable practices and ingredients.©️ 

Philosophy & Practice

      In our practice we use  Beelay Hair Care™ with organic, sustainable, fair trade ingredients.  Beelay Hair Design® wants to give you a reprieve from the outside world where you can recolor, restore and revivify mind, hair and spirit. Get back into caring for your hair and set up some time for a restorative experience  In our practice . Beelay Hair Design wants to give you a reprieve from the outside world where you can recolor, restore and revivify mind, body and spirit. Get back into caring for your hair and set up some time for a restorative experience.

Menu/Book Online

All services are by appointment only. Below is a menu/list of services. Everything is a la cart, so be sure to choose all you will need or there may not be enough time Included in your appointment. A credit card is required for all online reservations and will only be used in the case of a total NO SHOW. In this case, you will be charged 50% of your total reserved services. Any cancelations must be done 24 hours in advance. 

Once you are in our system, you will be able to view your profile and alter dates & times 24 hours in advance of your appointment.

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Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please give us 24 hours notice, otherwise you will be charged 50% of the total services booked.

Beelay Hair Design®- by appointment only

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